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picture of Maggie, a fawn brindle greyhoundHistory of Greyhounds
One of the oldest dog breeds.  Originated about 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt. They were bred for speed to be hunters in the desert.  Only high royalty and the very wealthy could afford them.  They were a symbol of dignity and power.  Many drawings of Greyhounds were found inside the tombs of the Great Pyramid. The Greyhound Hall of Fame in Abilene, Kansas is open all year. This museum honoring the greyhounds has a large collection of greyhound artwork and related artifacts.

      Interesting Facts
A Greyhound ~
Has tremendous eye sight, and can see clearly up to a half mile away.
Can run 30 to 40 miles an hour and be at that top speed in two strides.
Is crate trained; making house breaking a matter of learning your routine.
Is colored solid or combination of black, white, blue, fawn, and many variations of brindle.
Averages 65 to 75 lbs., but can weigh 45 to 90 lbs.
Adopted at 1 1/2 to 5 years old; usually around 1 1/2 to 2 years old.

Are You Ready to Adopt?
If you would like to adopt a loving, sleek, graceful, muscular Greyhound.....

you need to make a long-term commitment with a fun and very entertaining retired  athlete.
you want to share your home with a couch potato. A greyhound  can curl up in a very small space despite their size; greyhounds can be very cat-like.
Then, check our list of adoption programs across the country or email us at with any further questions.

Suggested Reading:

Photo of book cover, Greyhounds."Greyhounds"
by D. Caroline Coile, PHD

Photo of book cover, Adopting the Racing Greyhound."Adopting the Racing Greyhound"
by Cynthia Branigan

"Second Hand Dog"Photo of book cover, Second Hand Dog.
by Carol Lea Benjamin
(This book isn't specifically a greyhound book, but is an excellent book
 about living successfully with an older, adopted dog)

Photo of magzaine cover, Celebrating Greyhounds."Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine"
Stories & helpful hints about Greyhounds, very enjoyable reading.
available through: "The Greyhound Project"
P.O. Box 358
Marblehead, MA  01945-0358 


Photo of group of retired racing greyhounds running in fenced field.
Living with Greyhounds
Greyhounds are affectionate, gentle & loving.  They, like human companions, want to please and will form a very strong bond.  They are great with children, as long as the greyhound's space is respected.  Greyhounds are clean dogs with thin short hair (they shed very little).  They have low body fat, 8% compared to most dogs with 30-40%.

Greyhounds must live indoors; a jacket for the winter months is necessary.  They are very intelligent and will quickly learn your routine.  They are very adaptable and will adjust easily to their new family's life style.  Greyhounds should be walked on a leash or run in a fenced area.  They are very fast and can break their neck if attached to a tie out; top speed can be reached in two strides.  They do not need any more exercise than any other dog their size.  A nice walk or two during the day or an occasional sprint in a secure fenced area does the trick.  Always a good excuse to get out and stretch your legs and get some fresh air!

How we are involved with GreyhoundsPhoto of Becky with Johnny, one of their retired racing greyhounds.  Johnny died unexpectedly  in April 1999.
The greyhounds and their cat buddies, have been the inspiration for many of the Voyagers' animal pieces.  The Greyhound series of designs includes jewelry, rubber stamps and embroidered caps and tote bags.
A portion of each purchase is donated to various adoption groups.  Be sure to check out their link for further information.

We are also very active with humane societies and shelters across the country.  Our animal companions will continue to be inspirations for new creations and designs.



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