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1st Anniversary
Gold Jewelry

For her, this could be a bracelet, ring or earrings. And for him, a tie tack or gold chain.


2nd Anniversary

Garnet comes in a rainbow of colors from green to pink to Color-Change Garnets, which change from slightly grayish green  to reddish purple.  Have fun with this anniversary and choose a special stone.

   Photo of 24 inch long strand of Cultured Pearls.  


3rd Anniversary
Cultured Pearls

Choose a strand of beautiful pearls or a pair of earrings; cultured pearls are a classic gift throughout the years.


4th Anniversary
Blue Topaz

Two kinds of Blue Topaz; London Blue or traditional Blue (a more bright blue)... endless choices for gift giving.



5th Anniversary

A 9 in hardness, the sapphire is a durable and very beautiful gem; excellent for wear in rings.


6th Anniversary

Purple is the color for this quartz family gemstone and a great stone for all types of jewelry. This purple color looks great in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.


7th Anniversary

Donít think your choice is just black, Onyx comes in many natural and dyed colors. Let us guide to the perfect choice.





8th Anniversary

This is the stone that is every color of the rainbow. And also comes in bi-colored pieces from watermelon colors to blue and green combinations.  This is a very unique and interesting stone.


9th Anniversary
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a bright, azure-blue, opaque stone.  It looks great in both silver and yellow gold jewelry, and is a great stone for a money clip or pendant.



10th Anniversary
Diamond Jewelry

An excellent way to mark your 10th year of marriage. We have beautiful anniversary bands, unique sculptural pieces, as well as stunning solitaire pendants. Remember "A Diamond is Forever".


11th Anniversary

This stone has a reputation of southwestern design and attire. Donít limit yourself to just that. We can design a special piece to match your style.


12th Anniversary

The mystery of the Orient lies in Jade. Itís many hues and colors give lots of options to jewelry attire.



13th Anniversary

The yellow stone; that comes in a variety of shades of gold and yellow. We have some very interestingly cut stones that arenít only faceted, but sculptured and carved too.




14th Anniversary

Opal is such a fascinating stone. The colors range from a multi play of color to a deep red-orange. Opals can also be cut with facets. The Voyagers have always specialized in unique Opals, both shapes and colors.



15th Anniversary

A red stone that rates a 9 in the Mohs scale of hardness. An excellent choice for a ring. Red ruby, the color of love, would make a 15th year of marriage extra special.



16th Anniversary

The color of a quality Peridot is a brilliant lime green and when you combine excellent color with a great cut you have an unforgettable stone.

Photo of Ladies Belair Quartz waterproof watch. Photo of Gents Belair Quartz waterproof watch.

17th Anniversary

The Voyagers carries a fine line of  quartz movement watches for both men and women by BELAIR. What a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary with matching watches.

   Photo of round golden Cat's Eye Cabochon.   

18th Anniversary
Catís Eye

The mystery of the Catís Eye is what makes this stone so intriguing to own. It makes a great pair of earrings or a stunning tie tac.



19th Anniversary

The stone that is itís name is a watercolor blue. This is a stone that is best suited in a Pear or Oval shape to show itís subtle blue tones.


20th Anniversary

A fragile stone of such intriguing color. Emeralds are best suited in pendants or tie tacs. When the finest color is chosen, nothing compares to the green of an Emerald.


21st Anniversary

This stone is considered trichroic; which means from three different directions, it is three different colors. Most often it is blue, purple and translucent.

Photo of two red Spinel; unusual, faceted half-moon shapes.  

22nd Anniversary

Natural spinel has been used for centuries.  Many of the synthetic birthstones are a unnatural version of this stone. Natural Spinel comes in a large variety of colors.


23rd Anniversary
Imperial Topaz

This stoneís name implies how special this topaz is. The colors range from peachy in tones to orange with brilliant flashes.

           tanzanite oval & diam ring.jpg (48591 bytes)  tananite trillion ring.jpg (15848 bytes)  tanzanite bezel 18kty ring.jpg (8604 bytes)
  tanzanite oval bicolor pendant.jpg (22352 bytes)    tanzanite trillion bicolor pendant.jpg (31648 bytes)

24th Anniversary

 Tanzanite , bluish purple (Periwinkle) in color  is a very impressive stone. 
It is a good choice for pendant or earrings. Since it is a more fragile stone, we usually recommend ring designs that will protect the stone.


       amethyst sterling pendant.jpg (32730 bytes)

25th Anniversary
Silver Jubilee

The quarter century mark in your marriage. The Voyagers have worked with sterling silver for 27 years. We would love to help you design that extra special piece.


30th Anniversary
Pearl Jubilee

So you missed your 3rd anniversary with pearls; here is your chance to make it up.


35th Anniversary

This is the classic stone in the cut named after it. Nothing says style more than an  Emerald.


40th Anniversary

The kids are gone starting families of their own, now it is your time. Why not mark this event with matching Ruby jewelry; a beautiful pendant for her and a lovely tie tac for him.


45th Anniversary

You gave her the sapphire ring for your 5th anniversary, why not match it with some beautiful earrings. How about some great cuff links for him to wear to that special night out.


50th Anniversary
Golden Jubilee

The Voyagers specialty: designing and crafting a beautiful 14kt or 18kt piece of gold jewelry. Your limits are your imagination.


55th Anniversary

This very rare stone is perfect to signify your 55th year in marriage. It changes color from red to green depending on the light. What a treasure it would be.



60th Anniversary
Diamond Jubilee

This is the perfect year to mark with an extra special piece of diamond jewelry. Maybe a diamond for each of your children or grandchildren. Or one very large stone to show your unending love for each other.

All designs are original and protected by copyright laws.

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