The Voyagers Jewelry Design, established in 1973
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Voyagers Jewelry offers a large selection of colored gemstones.  
From the traditional birthstones and anniversary stones to uniquely cut and rare gemstones.
Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Tanzanite, Peridot and more
Tell us what color you like, 
and we will show you a gemstone to match.

Every stone has a variety of shades and cut (shape) let the Voyagers staff
 assist you in finding the perfect color and cut for your custom piece of jewelry.


citirine 14kt gold triangle pendant sterling and blue zircon pendant sterling heart pendant with garnet
sterling silver with citrine ring gold and blue zircon ring gold ring with trillion garnet
Citrine / Topaz Novmeber Birthstone Blue Zircon - December Birthstone   Garnet January Birthstone 
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for Birthstones of the Month
photos and information about the precious & semi-precious gems that represent each month 
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The Voyagers Jewelry Design
146 West Main Street, Cambridge WI  53523

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