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The Greyhounds... Becky has been adopting retired racing greyhounds for over 20 years.

Current staff: Ruthie and Claire (being loved by Lisann)

Our newest staff member, and still learning what is required of her as a store dog, but
is ready to greet you at the door and follow you around the store and  will, no doubt, b leaning on you .
She is a 6 years old ex-racer that did well, has had 2 litters of puppies and is most definitely enjoying being retired.

A very friendly and curious 4 year old female joined the staff / family the summer 2016. 
She is a very sweet greyhound and loves to nibble.


In Memory - - - -
Born  in July 2009, raced in Alabama, adopted on 9/5/2011.
A big 'thank you' to Greyhound Alliance and Dr. Jenifer Barker;
Ira was special in every way; sweet, gentle, smart, handsome -from his unique markings to his great BIG smile! Recently passed away during the Holidays of 2019.

   Photo done by Julie Anderson



An ex-racing dog that lost her owner and needed a new home.
Phoebe, sweet and soft, but she was always a puppy at heart and ready to be petted.
She passed away rather suddenly, at age 12-1/2, only a few months after her buddy Joey, in the summer of 2016.

Photos by Julie Anderson Photography

An almost all black and a very, (very) shy dog.
His owner passed away in 2012 and Becky adopted both Joey & Phoebe shortly after. He was special needs shy and very sweet;
if you stopped by the store he most likely was watching you from afar. 
With heavy hearts he was put down due to bone cancer in March 2016.

photos by Julie Anderson Photography

adopted from QCGA (Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption, Davenport/Moline) in February 2006.
Sammy holds the honors of being the Senior oldest greyhound Becky has had passed away in July 2015.




ABOVE, Sammy shown 'acting cool' , napping, 
& being cozy with his favorite Rottie at monthly visit to local Assisted Living Center.

Never, ever really considered a greyhound puppy, but when you've got one in your arms and are then told...
 'we're looking for homes for these little females' .....  well, you can guess what happens.
Amber arrived at age 7 weeks in August, 2006.  
She's from a family of cross-country/long distance greyhound racers 
but was part of our family passing away in April 2016.

Amber at age 13 months.... shortly after a bath wearing her new Mrs. Bones Collar and matching Voyagers necklace!



Amber at 7 weeks                        Amber at 9 weeks       


     Amber relaxing with Sammy in the sun -- a few minutes later

Amber at 17 weeks


In Memory of the first ten greyhounds Becky has adopted since 1990.......
Each  one  special and each one still missed.....


May 1999 to December 2010
A big handsome red boy, 
He could go  from special-needs shy and quiet to goofy and silly in seconds!
Adopted in September 2001 from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

June 1999 to November 2009
A quiet, never-do-anything-wrong, big, handsome male; mostly white but with brindle and blue brindle markings around his face and ears and on his tail,
including one big 'dot' in the middle of his head.  
Adopted in June 2002 from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

   photo of back of Lilly's head with her cut little spotted ears
with great sadness, we say:  July 1998 to November 2006
Our dainty little Lilly, mostly white with some ticking and lots of 'dots' on the back of her ears!
Sometimes called 'Lilly' or 'Silly Lilly' or 'Her Lilliness'
Adopted in February 2001 from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

May 1993 to June 2004
Opie was a very gentlemanly 80 pound shiny blue brindle male.
Adopted in May 1998 from Greyhound Pets of America, Wisconsin Chapter

photo of Johnny, Becky's extra special greyhound and "velcro" dog for many years. 
Dec 1988 - April 2000 
Becky's  special companion and constant shadow for eight great years.
An affectionate blue male, adopted July 1992; raced as John's Prince. 
adopted from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

photo of Farran and Maggie, the first two adopted grreyhounds, the ones that started it all.
the original two adopted greyhounds....
Farran, (Caro's Farran)  a 75# red fawn male, adopted Sept 1990. 
Jan 1988 - June 1999 
Maggie, a female fawn brindle, adopted August 1991. 
Jan 1990 - Feb 2001
both were adopted from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

photo of Calib
Sept 1991 - December 2001 
(taught all our other greyhounds how to really bark)
White with ticking and dark red brindle patches. Raced as Calib Snyder.
Adopted in July 1995 from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin


photo of Tryrone, adopted at 8 years old, after being in several homes; and was a well-mannered, well-behaved guy.
Dec 1984 - July 1995 
(raced as O.B.Good Try)
A big, handsome black boy with white markings,   
adopted March 1992  from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

photo of Silver, a most unusual colored greyhound; extremely light fawn with blue tipped on the ends of coat hairs, giving him an irridescent appearance. 
Nov 1989 - Feb 1998  
(raced as Cagliostro)
An 80 plus pound silvery blue fawn male, 
adopted November 1992 from GLGT Adoption in Delavan, Wisconsin

Photo taken June 2004
Left to right:  Visiting Tina with Voyager gang: Gavin, Jake, Lilly & Opie

Photo shoot in front of fireplace at store, November 2005
Hounds at work

December 2004


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