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Relaxing & napping under display cases July 2004....
Left to right:  Lilly, Tina & Jake


Voyager crew and friend, Summer of 2003
from left to right:  Opie, Lilly, Jake, Gavin, with hound buddy & frequent visitor, Tucker


Thanksgiving Day 2002
left to right: Opie, Jake, Lilly, Gavin


left to right: Gavin, Lilly, Opie & Calib
photo taken December 2001, a few weeks before Calib died from osteosarcoma.

Shortly after Lilly arrived In February, 2001: 

photo of Lilly, standing, taken the day she was adopted.          standing side view photo of Lilly, taken same day she was adopted.

getting her photo taken is the last thing on her mind....

A very feminine 63 pounds; all white with the cutest little 'dots' on the back of her ears...

photo of back of Lilly, showing her silly dotted ears.     another photo of Lilly showing the backs of her cute dotted,spotted ears.

photo of Lilly, lying down.  close up photo of Lilly lying down